Today Horoscope - Monday, 04 November 2019

Today Horoscope - Monday, 04 November 2019

Aries (Chu,Che,Cho,La,Lee,Lu,Le,Lo,A):- Today, your cruel behavior can harm other people. But you will get satisfactory results in your field of work. Today, your hard work will be less visible. Differences can arise from anyone.

Taurus (Ee,U,Aa,O,Va,Vi,Vu,Ve,Vo):- The words you say today will be very impressive. Today will be a good time with your family. Mangalik event can be held today in the family or at a relative's house. In which you will get an opportunity to join.

Gemini (Ka,Kee,Ku,Gha,D,Chha,Ke,Ko,Ha):- Business activities can be in very good condition these days. But despite this, try to stay away from controversies. Otherwise any kind of troubles can come up. At this time luck will support you and you may get success in the field of work. It is possible for you to travel outside during this time.

Cancer (Hee,Hoo,He,Ho,Da,Dee,Doo,De,Do):- On this day you will see the benefit in your hard work. Suddenly there are chances of an accident, so take care while driving. Today, due to your stubborn nature, you will get caught in your mistakes yourself.

Leo (Maa,Mee,Moo,Me,Mo,Ta,Tee,Too,Te):- You will not get success in work today. Due to which your mind will be disturbed. Using too much intelligence can spoil your building work. Today will be a good time in the family.

Virgo (To,Pa,Pee,Poo,Sha,Na,Tha,Pe,Po):- You may have to bear financial loss today. Today, you may have to face stomach related problems. You can be friends with someone. Take control of your bidding.

Libra (Ra,Ree,Ru,Re,Ro,Ta,Tee,Tu,Te):- On this day you will have a lot of good news in the work area. But due to negative thoughts, mind will cause disturbance to someone. It would not be good to rely on outsiders today.

Scorpio (To,Na,Nee,Nu,Ne,No,Ya,Ye,Yu):- On this day, your behavior can spoil the mood of your spouse. You should understand that disrespecting someone and not taking them seriously can create a rift in the relationship. You can get health benefits by consuming milk and curd on this day.

Sagittarius (Ye,Yo,Bha,Bhee,Bhu,Dha,Pha,Dha,Bhe):- On this day, with the help of your parents, you will be able to get out of financial crisis. Do not be rude to your family. It can disturb family peace. Due to which you may have mental stress.

Capricorn (Bho,Ja,Jee,Ju,Je,Jo,Kha,khi,Khu,Khe,Kho,Ga,Gi):- Today you don't have to worry. Today your grief will melt like snow. Your seniors will be impressed by the quality of your work. Because of which you will get success in the field of work and your mind will be happy.

Aquarius (Goo,Ge,Go,Sa,See,Su,Se,So,Da):- Overcome your habit of living keeping in mind the present day. And do not spend excessive time and money on entertainment. This can give you mental troubles. Due to which there will be no happy atmosphere in the family.

Pisces (Di,Du,Th,Jh,Yn,De,Do,Cha,Chi):- Today, concentration in your field of education will increase and students will get good results. Apart from this, people who do some artistic work, they will get the benefit of good money through it.

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