Today Horoscope - Sunday, 06 October 2019

Today Horoscope - Sunday, 06 October 2019

Aries (Chu,Che,Cho,La,Lee,Lu,Le,Lo,A):- Only let positive-affirmative thoughts come to the mind. Do not invest in a rush-hurry; if you will analyze from all angles, then only you will not get harm-loss. Do not forget family responsibilities.

Taurus (Ee,U,Aa,O,Va,Vi,Vu,Ve,Vo):- Today, the office’s atmosphere looks a bit bad, because your higher officials-authorities will have more than required expectations. It is a good day for business persons, because they can suddenly have benefit-gain.

Gemini (Ka,Kee,Ku,Gha,D,Chha,Ke,Ko,Ha):- If you are planning to make a long term investment, then you can have a very good benefit-returns on it. Pressure at home and work can make you angry and restless.

Cancer (Hee,Hoo,He,Ho,Da,Dee,Doo,De,Do):- Due to relatives, there can be a conflict with the life partner, but at the end all will be well; but due to which you will have quite a lot of difficulty in doing work.

Leo (Maa,Mee,Moo,Me,Mo,Ta,Tee,Too,Te):- Friends will make your day happy by making some good program for the evening. Due to complete support by co-workers and seniors, the work in the office will speed up.

Virgo (To,Pa,Pee,Poo,Sha,Na,Tha,Pe,Po):- Some big plan can attract your attention towards you. Before making any kind of investment, do inquire-investigate about that person thoroughly.

Libra (Ra,Ree,Ru,Re,Ro,Ta,Tee,Tu,Te):- Due to support of friends and family, you will remain filled with new self-confidence and adventures. Today, you can meet such a person, who values you more than his-her own life.

Scorpio (To,Na,Nee,Nu,Ne,No,Ya,Ye,Yu):- If you are traveling today, then you need to take utmost care, extra security about your luggage-belongings. Today, you will spend a great time with friends, but take extra care while using-driving vehicle.

Sagittarius (Ye,Yo,Bha,Bhee,Bhu,Dha,Pha,Dha,Bhe):- A good time is about to come and you will experience-feel extra energy in yourself. You will find yourself in a new exciting situation, that will bring you financial benefit. Your personality will be like fragrance today, and will attract everyone.

Capricorn (Bho,Ja,Jee,Ju,Je,Jo,Kha,khi,Khu,Khe,Kho,Ga,Gi):- Through the people that you know, you will get new avenues-sources of income. It is a great day to start new projects and tasks. You can say bitter things in anger, for which you may have to regret later.

Aquarius (Goo,Ge,Go,Sa,See,Su,Se,So,Da):- Today, you will run out of fear about some situation, then that will follow you in every way; do not lose yourself at any cost, otherwise there can be a never removing dent-hollowness with the family.

Pisces (Di,Du,Th,Jh,Yn,De,Do,Cha,Chi):- Due to coworkers, may have to face moments of anxiety and stress. Keep an eye on those people who can take you in the wrong direction-path, or can give such information that prove to be harmful for you.

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