Today Horoscope - Monday, 25 February 2019

Today Horoscope - Monday, 25 February 2019

Aries (Chu,Che,Cho,La,Lee,Lu,Le,Lo,A):- Mind will be attracted towards religious work. There can be travel-trips. There will be progress at work. Household happiness will also remain good.

Taurus (Ee,U,Aa,O,Va,Vi,Vu,Ve,Vo):- There will be success at work today. In examination etc, will get good results-fruits as per the hard work put in. Today, suddenly a problem can come up at home-in family.

Gemini (Ka,Kee,Ku,Gha,D,Chha,Ke,Ko,Ha):- Today, will respect-honor the elders. Can get some good-auspicious news. There will be an ideological difference with someone. Anger will remain prominent. Remain cautious-careful while driving vehicle.

Cancer (Hee,Hoo,He,Ho,Da,Dee,Doo,De,Do):- You will be the boss of your own mind-thoughts. Whatever work that you will do, will do according to your own wish-desire. Conditions of lack of household happiness will be created.

Leo (Maa,Mee,Moo,Me,Mo,Ta,Tee,Too,Te):- There will be an atmosphere of happiness from the side of family. There will be entertaining travel-trips. Will get success at work. Avoid disputes.

Virgo (To,Pa,Pee,Poo,Sha,Na,Tha,Pe,Po):- Today, whatever desires-wishes that you have, can get fulfilled. A good time will be spent with family and friends. The day today will remain good for work and its functioning.

Libra (Ra,Ree,Ru,Re,Ro,Ta,Tee,Tu,Te):- There will be wealth benefit at work. Will get opportunities to travel-make trips. Fear in mind will remain.

Scorpio (To,Na,Nee,Nu,Ne,No,Ya,Ye,Yu):- You will do various works-tasks very intelligently-diligently. A good time will be spent with friends. An unnecessary dispute with someone can become reason for tension-worry. Keep control over anger.

Sagittarius (Ye,Yo,Bha,Bhee,Bhu,Dha,Pha,Dha,Bhe):- There will be travel-trips. You will be in influential personality. A good time will be spent with members of family. You will see stubbornness in your nature-behavior, due to which you yourself can spoil your work.

Capricorn (Bho,Ja,Jee,Ju,Je,Jo,Kha,khi,Khu,Khe,Kho,Ga,Gi):- Due to sweet talk, will establish friendly relations with others. Today, you can be present at a Manglik-religious program. Someone in family can get a health related problem. Work will remain fine.

Aquarius (Goo,Ge,Go,Sa,See,Su,Se,So,Da):- In the day today, there will be no problem at work. Will also get family happiness. Worries can rise related to health. Excessive expenses will happen.

Pisces (Di,Du,Th,Jh,Yn,De,Do,Cha,Chi):- Good relations with persons older than you-elderly, will be established. A dispute-fight with someone will become reason for problem. Keep control over anger. There can be dispute with friends.

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