Yantra, from the ancient times, thousands of years old, is part of the modern-day astrology and its remedies. A Yantra can also have religious and spiritual significance. Yantra comes in the form of a remedy to any native’s specific life problems or troubles. Keeping and worshiping a Yantra is very effective for different kinds of issues in life, such as child-birth, auspiciousness in luck-fortune, health cure, and so forth.

कर्म और भाग्य जीवन रूपी गाड़ी के दो पहिये है l कर्म आप करो भाग्य हम बनाएँगेl

गुरुदेव जी.डी. वशिष्ठ

yantra Yantras have mystical and cosmic powers. A Yantra has an embossed-engraved diagram or a multi-layered complex design mostly triangular, is plain or in colors, and-or with a depiction of a deity, symbols such as a lotus, on normally a small square-type thin copper piece.

The Yantras provided by AstroScience are Sarvarth Sidhi Yantra, Sankat Niwaran Yantra, Vidhya Buddhi Kavitva Yantra, Santaan Prapti Yantra, Sakal Karya Sadhak, Asht Sidhikar Yantra, Rin Vimochan Yantra, Sakal Saubhagya Yantra, Rog Niwaran Yantra, Sarva Rakshakar Yantra.

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