Yantra, from the ancient times, thousands of years old, is part of the modern-day astrology and its remedies. A Yantra can also have religious and spiritual significance. Yantra comes in the form of a remedy to any native’s specific life problems or troubles. Keeping and worshiping a Yantra is very effective for different kinds of issues in life, such as child-birth, auspiciousness in luck-fortune, health cure, and so forth.

कर्म और भाग्य जीवन रूपी गाड़ी के दो पहिये है l कर्म आप करो भाग्य हम बनाएँगेl

गुरुदेव जी.डी. वशिष्ठ

yantra Yantras have mystical and cosmic powers. A Yantra has an embossed-engraved diagram or a multi-layered complex design mostly triangular, is plain or in colors, and-or with a depiction of a deity, symbols such as a lotus, on normally a small square-type thin copper piece.

The Yantras provided by AstroScience are Sarvarth Sidhi Yantra, Sankat Niwaran Yantra, Vidhya Buddhi Kavitva Yantra, Santaan Prapti Yantra, Sakal Karya Sadhak, Asht Sidhikar Yantra, Rin Vimochan Yantra, Sakal Saubhagya Yantra, Rog Niwaran Yantra, Sarva Rakshakar Yantra.


Sarva Shakti Peeth Yantra is auspicious and favorable to bring higher brilliance in business and work success. It is to get higher name fame of work. Sarva Shakti Peeth Yantra enables the happiness of wealth, to get glory, to get more benefit-return out of your wealth-money, for progress, to get quick prosperity etc. This Yantra removes any obstacles-challenges related to business, physical-mental health etc, and to generally prevent from these in life.

MadhyaShakti Peeth Yantra is for happiness in own work or business. It is for growth in money-wealth, to get benefit out of colleagues, to get relief from enemies-opponents in the field of work and its functioning, to make business and work grow higher etc.

Shakti Peeth, in general, refers to the holy place or center where the power (Shakti) resides. Shakti refers to Goddess Shakti. The Shakti Peeth Yantra is to bring the blessings and auspiciousness of the planets in life, and for the overall wellbeing in life.

Shree Bagla Mukhi Yantra is for natives suffering from diseases, ailments, and mental stress especially in the field of education and money related. This Yantra is also for those being accident prone. This Yantra enables victory over the opponents-enemies, in competition and in court matters. This Yantra favors in authority-Governmental benefits. Maa BaglaMukhi Yantra is also useful to get rid of enemy botherations, to remove fear of enemies-opponents-competition, or for any other such obstacles.

Vyapar Yantra is particularly useful for overcoming not getting success in business, getting into debt trap, losing of money in business, constantly remaining in debt and other different kinds of business problems and difficulties; this Yantra is also to address the repeated changing of business etc.

Rog Nivaran Yantra is good and auspicious to evade the problem when a small ailment-disease takes the shape of a bigger serious problem, when medicines remain ineffective in cure, and to prevent from any kind of disease etc. 'Rog' literally means disease. Nivaran means to get rid of, to finish. Good mental-physical health is everything; and good health is true wealth.

Shakni Yantra is to bring relief from any obstacles-challenges in life, to enable Vashikaran, favorability in relationships, etc.

Nazar Dosh Yantra is useful to evade any evil eye or bad talk by others on you. This can directly or indirectly harm your wealth-money, progress etc. It can create blockages-obstacles in work, success, prosperity. It brings health-unnecessary ailments, disturbance in family peace-harmony, child-related etc. Nazar Dosh Yantra kills such negative energies.

Goddess Lakshmi also sometimes spelt Laxmi, is the deity for wealth, prosperity, financial gain etc. MahaLaxmi Yantra is a reflection of this. The Yantra has an image of the Goddess at the center of the Yantra. Goddess Laxmi signifies wealth, prosperity, financial success, gains, good fortune etc. The MahaLaxmi Yantra carries the aura, power, charisma of Goddes MahaLaxmi. This Yantra brings auspiciousness and favorability in aspects related to success, financial gain, prosperity, riches, constant or abundance supply of funds etc.

Shree Yantra is for the auspicious grace of Goddess Maa Lakshmi. Though the Mantra for Shree Yantra can be chanted on any day, but ideally the Mantra for Shree Yantra should begin and be done importantly on Fridays. It is believed that the Shree Yantra is a favorite of Goddess Lakshmi. Shree Yantra brings peace and harmony at home, good fortune, higher success and achievements etc.

Shodashi Yantra is also called Goddess Lalita Yantra. Goddess Shodashi is regarded as one of the Dasha MahaVidyas. Shodashi Yantra is particularly useful for auspiciousness and favorability in success, prosperity, beauty, overall happiness, calmness, stability etc.

Shree Shani Yantra is used to kill or block any bad or malefic effects of the planet Saturn or its evil forces, or to balance Saturn. Shree Shani Yantra enhances the qualities and favorability of the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of Sade-Sati , Dhai-ya. The Shani Yantra is also used for protection against the evil eye (buri nazar). This Yantra encourages confidence, enables justice, mental strength etc.

Ashta Vaibhav Laxmi Yantra has the power of many holy places, temples etc and also holds the power of Goddess Laxmi. Ashta Vaibhav Laxmi Yantra brings solutions to many of life problems, especially negativity. It is also good for financial and material growth. This Yantra attracts positivity and wealth benefit, prosperity etc and reduces problems in life. It removes obstacles, negative feelings or influences etc.

Shodashi Yantra is also called Goddess Lalita Yantra. Goddess Shodashi is regarded as one of the Dasha MahaVidyas. Shodashi Yantra is particularly useful for auspiciousness and favorability in success, prosperity, beauty, overall happiness, calmness, stability etc.

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