Akshay Tritya - The Epic of Draupadi, Krishna and The Akshaya Patra

Akshay Tritya - The Epic of Draupadi, Krishna and The Akshaya Patra



Akshay Tritya is one of the most prominent festivals of Bharat. Akshay is a Sanskrit term that means never diminishing. Whatever you do on this day will never subside. Asper Hindu texts, there are many stories associated with this festival, like Maharishi Ved Vyasa started writing the great epic of the Mahabharat, the descent of the Ganges to the earth, the beginning day of the yuga shift (Satyug to Tretayug), and many more. In this blog, we will talk about the significance of Akshay Tritya along with the famous tales associated with it.

Akshay Tritya is a festival of abundance, health, and prosperity. Whatever you'll do this day will never diminish. On this day, people do poojas, Donations, and fast to multiply their benefits. In many parts of the nation, it is celebrated as Akhateej.

Draupadi and the Akshay Patra:

in the Aranyaka Parva of the Mahabharat, Pandavas had to leave for the forest after the game of dice. During the exile period, Yudhisthira did severe penance to please the sun god and received Akshay Patra as the reward. This inexhaustible vessel of food supplies would not exhaust until all Pandavas along with Draupadi have eaten enough.

Meanwhile, Duryodhan was planning to execute yet another of his evil ploy against them. He requested Maharishi Durvasa, the infamous for being short-tempered, to visit Pandava's hermitage. He secretly wanted him to curse them.

Draupadi, who had already eaten her meal, was shocked to see Sage Durvasa and their disciples. Akshay Patra was not going to save them this time. She didn't have enough food supplies to satisfy all of them. After all, they were 100s in number. They were hungry and asking for Prasadam, but lotus-eyed Yagyasaini had nothing to offer. If she failed to feed them, it could bring a deadly curse on the Pandavas. She had nothing to offer. At that point of misery, her only resort was the supreme lord, Vasudeva himself. She prayed to Krishna just as she did in the Kaurav sabha in Hastinapura.

Lord Krishna being bhaktadheen- Under the control of his dear and true devotees came to rescue the slander waisted one and saved her and the Pandavas from the wrath of Sage Durvasa. He asked Draupadi to bring Akshay Patra and see if there was any bit of food left in it. Draupadi Cried in denial.

Krishna took the vessel and took our one piece of rice. He ate it with utmost delight. Here Krishna ate the leftover piece of rice, and Durvasa and his disciples started burping. Their bellies were full and they left their hermitage blissfully. The day this Lila was performed was Akshay Tritya, this da bring abundance, unending wealth, and prosperity to the devotees.

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