Astrology has numerous branches, such as Vedic astrology, Lal Kitab astrology, palm reading, Vastu Shastra, and several other forms, to brief the life of a person in general. It is the study of planets and their  placement in the birth chart that decides the future of a person. It is also associated with numbers, deities, energies, metals, emotions, and various other things. Our primary service, Lal Kitab Astrology, deals with summarising the life journey of a person with present situations and future predictions, along with solutions to existing problems. A prediction based on planetary motions in the person's birth chart also specifies the role of these planets and their effects on the person’s life. Your daily and yearly horoscopes are based on this study. Whenever any auspicious activities take place, finding the right time based on panchang also matters to organise obstacle-free events. It helps you cure life's problems and balance your life.


Why Lal Kitab astrology?

You will always need guidance when circumstances are not in your favour and much-awaited things end up in turmoil at the last moment. A series of obstacles continue in your life, and even luck is always giving you undesired results. Opportunities often end when you look for it. Obstruction often arises whenever an auspicious event is conducted. Home trivials are a daily part of life. Differences in opinion among friends and family members. After investing money in education not able to grab opportunities. Business often faces difficulties and losses. Marriage delays and several other problems exist in your life, Lal Kitab astrology is the ultimate solution to all these problems, which can be cured within time to maintain balance in your life.


How Can Our Astrologers Help?

Our primary service is based on consultation with our renowned Gurudev G.D. Vashsit. He has 30+ years of experience building life of people with his precise predictions. Besides, our astrologers are learned disciples under the guidance of a veteran guru who studied the roles of numbers in our lives, our birth charts, and their effects on our daily lives. They primarily evaluate predictions based on planetary motions and recommend remedies related to it. Along with this, they can also help you resolve the existing issues present in the birth chart. They recommend solutions based on their deep research and the benefits a person observes after following the suggested remedies. Our experts, acharyas, have vast knowledge in this field and have more than 10 years of experience building the lives of people and helping them reduce present problems and future issues before it take place.


Benefits of Taking Astrology Services from Us: 


Accuracy:  Our revered Gurudev G.D. Vashsit ji has dedicated his precious time to consummate lal kitab astrology with technology. He invested 8 years of time to reach people worldwide offering precise predictions with technology in a specified time. The prediction based on our technical platform is accurate and covers all aspects of a person’s life, whether it is his or her relationships, career, present and future problems, or various other things that can be predicted with exact solutions.

Improves life-difficulties: Our Lal-Kitab predictions are based on the extensive research conducted by Gurudev G. D.Vashist ji on planetary motions and their significant impact on our lives.The recommended remedies are easy to follow and can be cured within a year. Along with this, you will receive proper guidance from our astrologers related to any suggested remedies or life- long remedies.

Astro science app: With innovation, we bring this Astroscience application to help you have your life journey in your hand and read it often to cure the malefic effects of planets, if present in the Kundali. You can also read your daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes on our app. Besides, you can also purchase the product of your choice by adding it to the cart and making an order by digital payment.

Lal Kitab Amrit Jyotish Vashsith: Your entire Lal Kitab prediction copy is available for 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, and 25 years. You can purchase one at your convenience. It is a consolidated brief description of day, month, and year problems and their easy solutions, along with the dosh present in the birth chart and its solutions.

Lal Kitab Consultation: Whether it is your health problems, job-related problems, marriage problems, or any other area of life, our astrologers are present to give you wise advice to cure all these problems. You can get a Lal Kitab Consultation from our astrologers. Which remedy to follow first and make others in order to resolve the problems with ease.

Multiple remedies for specific problems: If long-term remedies are difficult for you to follow, then you can easily observe short-term remedies by making use of yantra and taking planet-related mantra-upchar remedies to cure your problems. You can get specified guidance from our astrologers free of charge.

Predict the future to cure earlier: Your future can be predicted along with lal kitab remedies related to your life, from major problems to minor ones. You can also find the yearly horoscope and daily horoscope with day-to-day remedies at budget-friendly prices. 

Designs and Define Life: Getting a piece of beneficial advice is a great present to you by Gurudev G.D. Vashist. With his vast knowledge and being a veteran in this field, he easily calculates your life situations and proposes exact and beneficial remedies to cure your life problems. You can also discuss easy solutions instead of time-consuming remedies. Later, you can take advice from our acharyas related to any remedy or solution to cure the malefic effects of planets.

Categorised Products:  These category products are available in yantra, yantra lockets, soaps, dhoops, and single copies of categorised predictions for 2 years such as marriage, career, child, health, etc. 

Free lal-kitab classes: These classes are accessible on the Zoom meeting application on Android and iPhone. If you are a new joinee, watch the past videos available on our YouTube channel. After completing the previous classes in a row, join the newly scheduled class on the Zoom app. You will also get a chance to work under the guidance of our acharyas.


Our Services 


Meeting with Gurudev G.D. Vashist: We are present to conduct your meeting with our reverend Gurudev G. D. Vashist. You can take his guidance after telling us the accurate details of you or your loved ones to get suitable solutions to cure existing problems. We provide this facility at a reasonable price to both national and international clients’. You can also take advantage of remote guidance at your convenience.

Products: Finding certain specified things for remedies might be difficult for you. This is why, we offer such elements that can help you to complete recommended remedies.

Organises Puja, Hawan, and Yagya : If there are recommendations or orders for hawan or yagya, we avail the facility of puja, hawan, or yagya with the help of our experienced pandits at your convenience (home or yagya room available at our place).

Platform for other Astrologers: Our Aacharya Panel website is made for the astrologers to give them a platform to advance their Vedic astrology knowledge to lal kitab astrology that is available with accurate solutions to the prevailing problems in the birth chart of a person. We charge a reasonable amount based on questions and categories available on the website (Aacharya panel). With this, you can make clients’ birth charts with your own company’s name or Vashist brand name.  




Where do I place my query?

Our team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Multiple options (about services and products) are available for your convenience. You can contact us at our number: 999 999 0522, and you can also use the given link to place any query related to our service:

Where do I register for an appointment?

Our team is available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to guide you regarding appointments with Gurudev. You can contact us at the given numbers: 09999990522 and 9310101068. 

How can I reach Astroscience Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.?

Astroscience Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., also known as Gurudev GD Vashist Jyotish Sansthan, is located at the following address: 3rd Floor, C-97, Mckenzie Tower, Mayapuri, Phase-2, above Hippo Store, New Delhi, India-110064.

The office is situated opposite New Era School, and the nearest Metro station is Mayapuri (Pink Line).

What is the timing of meeting the Aacharyas?
Our acharyas are available from 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. to guide you in performing the specific lal kitab remedies by doing an overall analysis of the major factors required to be resolved based on your birth and Vashist Kundali.