Astrology Predictions
Astrology Predictions


Are you ready to take charge of your destiny and shape the future of your dreams? So don't search any further! Astroscience state-of-the-art prediction services will help guide you in important life decisions, providing complete clarity and insight.

*Foreign Settlement Prediction: Dreaming of a life beyond borders? Our Foreign Settlement Prediction unravels the possibilities and unveils the potential opportunities awaiting you in a foreign land.

*Health Prediction: Your well-being is paramount. Our Health Prediction services focus on preventive measures and lifestyle choices, empowering you to make informed decisions for a healthier tomorrow.

*Child Prediction: Parenthood is a journey full of surprises. Gain insights into your future as a parent with our Child Prediction services, providing valuable information about your future family dynamics.

*Career Prediction: Navigate the twists and turns of your professional journey with confidence. Our Career Prediction services offer a roadmap to success, helping you make strategic choices for a thriving career.

*Marriage Prediction: Love or arranged? Our Marriage Prediction services delve into the dynamics of your romantic future, providing insights that pave the way for a harmonious and blissful union.

*Wealth Prediction: Financial prosperity is within your reach. Our Wealth Prediction services analyze your financial future, offering strategic advice to pave the way for abundance and success.

Use the power of foresight and make informed decisions that will shape your destiny. The personalized prediction services of “Astroscience” are designed to empower you in your journey and ensure a future that seamlessly aligns with your dreams. Take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow – check out our forecasting services today!

Foreign settlement Prediction
When will I settle abroad? Do you have same questions in your mind? Connect with us and get accurate predictions.

Health Prediction
How will your physical or mental health be in the future. Fill the form our Acharya’s will call you back.

Child Prediction
Facing child Birth problem? we have the solution, for the best astrological Prediction connect with us.

Career Prediction
What career is best suited for me? Get entire career-related Prediction here.

Marriage Prediction
Want to know how your married life will be? Get the best answers from our Acharya.

Wealth Prediction
When will I become rich? We have the accurate answer.

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Frequently Asked

Is my personal information safe on Astroscience.com?

We take the security and protection of our customer's personal information very seriously. We use industry-standard security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Where do I place my query?

Our team is available to assist you 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m a day, seven days a week. Multiple options (about services and products) are available for your convenience. You can contact us at our number: 999 999 0522, and you can also use the given link to place any query related to our service: https://bit.ly/astro-enquiry.

Where do I register for an appointment?

Our team is available from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to guide you regarding appointments with Gurudev. You can contact us at the given numbers: 9999990522 and 9310101068.

How can I reach Astroscience Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.?

Astroscience Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., also known as Gurudev GD Vashist Jyotish Sansthan, is located at the following address: 3rd Floor, C-97, Mckenzie Tower, Mayapuri, Phase-2, above Hippo Store, New Delhi, India-110064.
The office is situated opposite New Era School, and the nearest Metro station is Mayapuri (Pink Line).

What is the timing of meeting the Aacharyas?

Our acharyas are available from 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. to guide you in performing the specific lal kitab remedies by doing an overall analysis of the major factors required to be resolved based on your birth and Vashist Kundali.