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For Libra natives, Jupiter will be transiting their 3rd house of Jupiter until March 30th after which it will be in 4th house of Capricorn until 30th of June. After June, Jupiter will go retrograde and come back to 3rd house of its own sign Sagittarius. Rahu will be transiting your 9th house of Gemini and after mid September, it will travel to 8th house of Taurus. This period is excellent to learn new skills. You must refrain from consuming meat, alcohol and tobacco.



This year if demands you to work hard and provided you stay consistent with the herd work, success is definitely assured. By the end of this year, you might get promoted to a higher position at work. You will act sensible and in a disciplined way at your work environment and this will give wealth and recognition. You should not get involved in new business ventures. Whether you work at a job or own your business, you are expected to work hard since strongly indicated.



With regards to education, this period looks quite promising. Students should not let laziness get a hold over them otherwise there could be adverse results for them. You will enjoy your studies but will have a hard time focusing for longer durations which will lead to problems in your studies. From the very beginning of the year, you will act confused. You are advised to depend on hard work and try to focus your mind in studies



This year seems average in financial matters. From January till April and from July until mid November, you will witness strong improvements in financial status and you will also find ways to earn from multiple sources. Libra natives will have to remain in their money management but even then there will be ups and downs in your expenses. By the end of this year you can make money investments



In terms of health, this year doesn’t look very good. However, in the beginning of the year you will enjoy good health but in the middle of the year, issue like skin disorders, indigestion, joint pain and chicken pox might take place. You are strongly advised to be extra careful in mutterers of health.

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